Bret Miller
Ashland, OR 97520

At Bags End Web Design, Principal10/01 - Present
  • Extensive experience building and maintaining dynamic websites using PHP, MySQL and Wordpress
  • Object Oriented Programming experience with many MVC framework architectures
  • Expert Level knowledge of HTML, jQuery and CSS
  • Proven success at Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and search engine ranking
  • Strong MySQL database and SQL query language skills
  • Working knowledge of many Web Services (REST)
  • Proficient Linux command line shell skills and system administration
Anvil Northwest, Webmaster Roseburg, OR02/15 - Present
  • System Administrator of 2 VPS servers running 40 websites
  • Develop websites and maintain existing ones
  • Completing a server migration from one web host to another
Passey Advertising, Webmaster Medford, OR09/11 - Present
  • System Administrator of 3 VPS servers running 25 websites
  • Develop websites and maintain existing ones
  • Designed and implemented an automated website backup system
  • Completed a server upgrade migration imposed by web host
  • Authored web hosting protocol
Fluorish, System Administrator, Lead Programmer, Webmaster Ashland, OR05/14 - 10/15
  • Took ownership of the project and became lead programmer
  • Launched the site January 2015
  • System Administrator of the Ubuntu Linux Server
  • Responsible for the day-to-day operations of the site
Musicvision, Webmaster New York, NY10/00 - 10/01
  • Webmaster of 9 high profile music websites including: *NSYNC, Mariah Carey, Matchbox Twenty, 311, Outkast, LFO, Good Charlotte, Buckcherry and Vertical Horizon
  • Webmaster of 3 high profile radio station websites including: 311, Outkast and Alanis Morissette
  • Responsible for all the day-to-day operations of the websites including site content, bulletin boards, chats, registration databases and email
  • Designed a unified, scalable registration database that allowed growth from 200,000 to 2 million records
Virtualscape, Tech Support, Webmaster New York, NY3/99 - 10/00
  • Maintained and authored new content for the company Website
  • Designed and developed the tech support's intranet site, a dynamic searchable knowledgebase
  • Set up, configured, and troubleshot websites and services for customers on NT and UNIX platforms
  • On a team of 15 administering over 650 servers: web servers, database servers, mail servers, chat servers, bulletin board servers and ecommerce servers
PCSNetworks, Network Analyst Emeryville, CA5/98 - 10/98
  • Authored RFPs and RFQs
  • Consulted with clients for their IT needs, transferred knowledge, and designed IT solutions
  • Conducted on-site audits of clients network infrastructure and then advised how to improve their computer networks
MS Access  

Seshaiah, P., Miller, B., Myat, M.M. and Andrew, D.J. (2001) pasilla, the Drosophila homologue of the human Nova-1 and Nova-2 proteins, is required for normal secretion in the salivary gland. Developmental Biology 239: 309-322.

Bachelor of Arts in Biology, 1994, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD